Interview with: Mr. Yudi Soetjiptadi, Managing Director of Eventus International

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1. What has been happening in the gaming industry since lockdown caused by Covid19 has ended?

During the shutdown, frequent gamblers shifted to new internet possibilities. Data showed increasing profits from online gambling during the shutdown, particularly in esports and virtual sports, which has seen a sharp rise in popularity as the usual betting on live sporting events was put on hold. There is no denying that the iGaming industry has experienced a great amount of growth in recent years. iGaming will continue to expand as casinos gaming providers continue to draw new customers, particularly after many people developed a taste for this particular pastime as they were focussed on finding new activities when experiencing events like lockdowns during the Covid 19 pandemic.


2. What makes SPiCE India 2023 different from previous SPiCE events? What new and exciting aspects does it have?

As Eventus International prepares for its 4th annual edition of SPiCE India, we have come a long way. We were the first event organisers to penetrate the Indian subcontinent gaming industry by providing a strategic platform for gaming leaders to connect in this particular region. The 2023 SPiCE India edition will however strongly focus on the current stand of the Indian government regarding regulating the industry. What could happen if/when the market is regulated and the estimated timing to be legalised? The pros and cons between regulating and not regulating the market will also be examined. We will also hear about the lessons learnt from other countries as well as the challenges and opportunities in the industry. With a glamorous pre and post event party, as well as a specially curated poker tournament for the attendees, SPiCE India 2023 will be a fantastic event for participants and attendees.


3. What is in store for the future of the Asian gaming industry? 

Asian gaming industry is currently witnessing tremendous growth and this trend does not look set to abate any time soon. This is due to the population, easy access to mobile phone, low cost internet, and younger generations who are more tech savy.


4. There are many Asian conferences in the gaming industry for next year. What is SPiCE India’s main value for attendees? 

Attendees can expect a well-structured agenda based on years of experience from the event organisers. We have grown substantially globally and have matured our approach to create an optimal environment for attendees to not only offer an opportunity to join vital discussions, but will also showcase various products and services in the gaming vertical on the extensive exhibition floor, and offering attendees valuable opportunities for investing in the gaming industry and taking their business to an international level.


SPiCE India 2023 will also be the “go-to” event to those looking into entering or investing into the gaming business. The event will not only offer a discussion platform, but will showcase various products in the gaming vertical.


5. How will attendees be connecting with each other at the event?

SPiCE India has a strong platform for attendees to network during the conference where there will be multiple chances to connect and collaborate with industry peers in a relaxed and professional environment. Delegates can look forward to network and getting advice from various stakeholders in the gaming ecosystem such as gaming operators, affiliate marketing companies, payment solution providers, platform providers, lawyers, tax accountants, consultants and gaming advisors to the gaming industry from around the world.


6. Why choose Eventus events? 

Eventus International is a dynamic summit and exhibition company that connects leaders with leaders and turns opportunity into possibility. We utilise our vast networks and expertise to create forward thinking summits that align best practice and industry development with empowering content and outstanding networking opportunities. Our summits and exhibitions have a longstanding reputation for gathering primary stakeholders in the industry to discuss the future of the gaming sector. We operate in profitable vertical industries with significant international growth potential while promoting the growth of emerging markets. Every summit we produce is designed to provide practical solutions to strategic, tactical and technical challenges and shed light on new opportunities in the sector. We are renowned for producing exclusive, niche events, hosting C-Level executive audiences and gathering decision makers under the same roof while ensuring gender diversity and inclusion throughout.

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