Interview with: Interview with Enis Sljivo, International Client Engagement Manager in IFZA


My name is Enis and I am the International Client Engagement Manager in IFZA. I have lived in the UAE for the last 9 years, most of it working in a B2B sales environment which I continued in IFZA and I am glad that it has been almost 2 years. My job is to find new partners internationally, train and develop them, while being their direct point of contact in IFZA.


  1. Can you tell us about the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) in Dubai and how it supports businesses operating in the region?

IFZA exists to attract international investors to Dubai, to contribute to its economic prosperity, to optimize the benefits of its business-friendly environment and to serve the wider community of the United Arab Emirates. IFZA is the most dynamic and truly international Free Zone Community in the UAE, optimizing the country´s strategic location and world-class infrastructure. We set ourselves apart through our multi-national approach, providing personalized business establishment solutions through a network of Professional Partners and Government Authorities.



  1. What are the main advantages of setting up a business in Dubai’s free zones, and how does IFZA help businesses take advantage of these benefits?

With an efficient, secure and dynamic business environment, Dubai is the ideal location for the establishment of businesses that want to position themselves in an ecosystem built for growth. Dubai’s strategic geographic location, global reputation, robust infrastructure and excellent government support has made it an attractive place to conduct business around the world. IFZA currently offers the best value and most flexible set-up for international businesses in the region with brilliant business exposure. Not only is our administration top notch, but we also offer state-of-the-art facilities without many of the strict requirements that are hard to meet for start-ups. Among the free zones, IFZA has the broadest offering of business activities to chose from and can combine professional, commercial and industrial activities under one license.



  1. Can you speak to the role that banking plays in Dubai’s free zones, and how IFZA supports businesses in this area?

We have our very own dedicated banking team who are continuously engaging in new partnerships with banks locally and internationally. They are there for all our partners and assist them with opening a bank account in Dubai for their clients.



  1. In recent years, Dubai’s free zones have become known for their ability to attract foreign investment. How does IFZA support this initiative, and what makes Dubai an attractive destination for foreign investors?

We distinguish the International Free Zone in a number of crucial ways, but our biggest differentiator among the free zones, and arguably our greatest success, is our tight, customer-centric network of global partners who are instrumental in creating business set-up opportunities and a complete package for their clients.



  1. Dubai has recently announced plans to become a global leader in sustainable business practices. How is IFZA supporting this initiative within its free zones?

IFZA is committed to support holistic growth in its Free Zone Community by providing opportunities to make positive contributions to the social, economic and environmental welfare of the UAE through IFZA Cares, our dedicated corporate social responsibility arm.



  1. What advice would you offer to companies considering setting up operations in Dubai’s free zones and utilizing the services of IFZA?

Strategically located at the heart of international markets, Dubai continues to gain prominence as an increasingly significant, relevant, and alluring destination for conducting business for enterprises worldwide  . Dubai is also an ideal destination known for its high quality of life that offers both individuals and families a world-class place to work, play, study, and connect. Globally, Dubai is recognized as a safe, secure, and tolerant society that provides a wide range of personal freedoms for the more than 200 nationalities that call it home.



  1. Looking ahead, what new initiatives or services can we expect from IFZA in the coming years to support businesses in Dubai’s free zones?

Amongst many other initiatives, which will be announced at a later stage, IFZA plans to streamline the complexities of incorporating a company in Dubai so entrepreneurs and businesses can quickly get to where they want to be, wherever their starting point may be.

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