The cheapest free zone in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has become a perfect place for startup entrepreneurs and foreign investors to open their new businesses. As well, existing companies are choosing Dubai as the base from which to expand their business in the Middle East and North Africa. The main reasons for choosing Dubai to set up a new company include the ease in obtaining business licensing, friendly business policies, great tax advantages and more.

The most important feature of company setup in the UAE is the opportunity for international investors in free trade zones that provide a range of company formation options. The free zones in Dubai offer investors a great commercial infrastructure which makes starting a business a great option.


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    Which is the cheapest trade license in the UAE?

    The UAE has numerous free zone regions that offer cheap trade licences. With guidance from our team of specialists at GBO, we will take you through all the details of how to get the right business licence along with the requirements and all other relevant details.


    The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) is the cheapest free zone in Dubai that does require visas.. We can help you set up a virtual office space Flexi desk for a year in one of the inexpensive office spaces on the UAE mainland, based on the needs of your budget and business requirements. IFZA provides a wide choice of commercial activities to foreign investors. It offers business owners first-class amenities and a great number of commercial infrastructures.


    It serves as a hub for global trading firms whose operations depend on logistics. It gives foreign investors more than two thousand different business activities to choose from for their operations. You can also easily scale-up your business scope with the services provided in this free zone.


    What is the cheapest free zone in the UAE?

    Choosing the right free zone is the most important first step when you are setting up a business in the UAE. It’s important not to choose just on the basis of cost, because other factors will make a difference when it comes to the success of your enterprise. For example, the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone offers the cheapest trade licence in the UAE, but it requires a visa as well.


    Other specific documentation like the company’s Memorandum of Association, Business Activity Certificate and Certificate of Formation have to be drawn up as well, adding to the total cost. Also, only three specific business activities are permitted for the operations, and only five shareholders can hold a stake in the company.


    The IFZA is a more expedient choice for entrepreneurs seeking to launch their companies in the UAE. Located in the heart of Dubai, it provides all the modern infrastructures required, like commercial offices, coworking space, warehouse storage facilities, retail space and more along with a supportive regulatory environment. It offers many measures that encourage the growth and success of companies.


    Investors can take advantage of a variety of benefits of free zones in Dubai, such as

    • Cheap free zone licenses
    • Availability of visas
    • 100 percent ownership of the business entity
    • Fast business setup
    • Full profit repatriation without personal tax


    What is the best free zone in the UAE?

    To choose the best free zone in the UAE to start a business, you should take into account all of the specific requirements of your own business.

    Some of the are as follows:

    • Requirements for office space
    • The free zone’s location
    • Your own business activities


    Investors are searching for ways to reduce the startup costs of their enterprise. The UAE’s free zones can have access to a wide range of commercial activities and kinds of licences. The least expensive business licence in the UAE is available to investors in Dubai. Other free zones in Ajman, and Sharjah were also offering the cheapest free zone licence in UAE in 2023.


    How do you set up a free zone company in the UAE?

    When we apply on your behalf, we require you to supply the following:

    • A copy of the passport of each shareholder
    • The business licences to operate in Dubai issued by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). They have approved more than 2,000 industries
    • Documentation of the selected business name. The UAE has very specific rules for naming a business, like the name of your Dubai must not contain any derogatory, offensive, or blasphemous words, or make any religious reference to Islam.



    Which is the cheapest trade license in Dubai?

    In the whole of the UAE, Meydan has the cheapest trade licence, with no visa. In Dubai, the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) has the cheapest trade licence in the UAE and requires a visa.


    What is the cost of a trade licence in Dubai?

    A general trading licence in Dubai will cost between 7,000 to 10,000 euros, depending on a number of factors, such as the location of the free zone, the corporate structure (sole trader, partnership or LLC) etc.. A company like this can operate anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.


    Which is the cheapest free zone licence in the UAE 2023

    Free zone licence costs vary widely across all of the emirates, and also between individual free zones within a single emirate. For example, in Dubai, there are more than 40 separate free zones, and the costs vary by hundreds of percent. The most important choice for an investor to make is whether the free zone suits the company’s needs, in terms of the areas of business you are allowed to operate in, the facilities offered by the free zone, the visa requirements and much more.

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