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Valyuz SWIFT Code VAUALT21

SWIFT Code Information Details
Name of the Bank  Valyuz
Country  Lithuania
Gedimino pr. 44, 01110, Vilnius 01400, Lithuania

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Valyuz is a leading electronic money institution registered and regulated in Lithuania and in Europe. Valyuz offers a range of financial services and products to individuals and businesses. Valyuz account holders can manage their finances through a secure system with fast and simple applications.

Valyuz Products and Services:

  • Valyuz accounts are available in 35 countries.
  • Access your account via mobile app (Apple and Android); tablet or desktop.
  • Send and receive wire transfers SWIFT, SEPA and ACH, worldwide in 212 countries and more than 35 currencies.
  • No fees on currency exchange.
  • Prepaid MasterCard which can be used to pay and shop online or in-store as well as making cash withdrawals from ATMs.
  • Current accounts with a dedicated IBAN.
  • Virtual IBANS (VANs).
  • Option of multiple signature rights on one account.
  • Secure login.
  • Mass payments.

Opening a Valyuz Account

When you open a Valyuz account you receive a dedicated IBAN; you can send and receive wire transfers worldwide; receive an international debit card and exchange currencies without fees. You can then access your Valyuz account via the Apple or Android app; your desktop; tablet or laptop.

Managing your Valyuz account is easy, fast, reliable and secure. You can now operate your online bank in Europe with Valyuz

Valyuz SWIFT Code VAUALT21

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