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In this article, we’re going to talk about the Curacao Gaming License. This is a special gaming license that online casinos need to operate. We’ll look at why it’s a popular choice for many casinos: it’s affordable, covers all types of games, and allows casinos to do business with players all around the world. Let’s dive in to learn more about it.


We offer a comprehensive legal package that includes company formation and setting up bank accounts in Europe. Our process is simple and straightforward, designed to make your life easier. Moreover, we provide licensing for all iGaming products – be it online casinos, gaming apps, sports betting platforms, poker, lotteries, or bingo.


  1. According to the recent update from 13.7.2023
  2. Curacao Sub-licenses are to be renewed until the beginning of 2024.
  3. We are able to issue new Curacao sub-licenses which will be valid until the beginning/ mid-2024.
  4. We will assist with obtaining licenses under the new regime, once the new regulation is announced.
  5. New jurisdiction alternative to Curacao – Anjouan Online Casino License. For details: or WhatsApp us below.

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    Curacao Gaming License – A Comprehensive Overview of Costs and Opportunities for Gaming Operators

    The Curacao betting License has become a leader in the online betting business around the world. It’s popular because it’s cheap, easy to get, and gives operators a lot of freedom. This makes it a top choice for game operators who want to offer this license to their retailers.


    Curacao, a country on an island in the Caribbean, has become a hub for the online gaming industry, mostly because of the way it regulates the industry. The Curacao e-games Licensing Authority has one type of license that can be used for all kinds of games. This includes gambling, betting on sports, trades, raffles, and both skill and chance games. This full coverage gets rid of the need for multiple licenses, making it easier for sellers to run their businesses.


    When it comes to price, the Curacao Gaming License is one of the best options out there. Compared to other places, the starting costs aren’t too high, and the ongoing costs are clear and easy to handle. This low cost is especially appealing to new businesses and smaller businesses that have to watch their budgets.


    The process for getting a Curacao Gaming License is pretty straightforward and faster than in many other places. Most of the time, the licensing authority needs standard paperwork, like proof of business registration, software testing results, and information about the company’s leaders and owners. After these papers are turned in and checked, the license can be given out in a few weeks.


    Aside from a few restrictions, the Curacao Gaming License also lets companies do business with people from all over the world. This world reach gives game companies a lot of room to grow. Curacao also has a low business tax rate and doesn’t charge VAT, which is a plus from a financial point of view.


    The Curacao Gaming License gives gaming companies a lot of benefits, such as low costs and an easy licensing process, as well as a wide range of business possibilities around the world. Its value in the online game business is shown by the fact that companies around the world are using it more and more. So, when game companies give this license to their sellers, they are giving them a simple, cost-effective, and internationally accepted way to get a license.


    Curacao is a popular place for online casino providers for a number of reasons:

    1. Single License Coverage: Curacao has a single license that covers all kinds of gaming, whether it’s a casino, sports betting, e-sports, the lottery, or any other online game. This makes the process easier because owners don’t have to get different licenses for each kind of game.
    2. Affordability: Getting a betting license in Curacao is less expensive than in many other places. The costs to apply, get a license, and keep it running aren’t too high, which makes it a good choice for starts and smaller businesses.
    3. Tax benefits: Curacao has a low business tax rate and no VAT, which are both good things. These things can make a big difference in how much it costs to run a game business.
    4. Favorable Rules: The Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority is known for having rules that are fair and easy for operators to follow. They make sure that companies follow international game standards and give businesses the freedom they need to grow.
    5. Quick Setup: Getting a Curacao gaming license is a fairly quick and easy process, so owners can quickly get their businesses up and running.
    6. With a few exceptions, companies can accept players from all over the world if they have a betting license from Curacao. This access to a large number of markets is a big draw for companies that want to grow internationally.
    7. Technical Infrastructure: Curacao has a modern IT infrastructure with great internet connections and data security services, both of which are important for online games.

    All of these things make Curacao a very attractive place for online casinos to be based.

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