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How Do Merchant Account Providers Determine a Business’s Risk Level?

How Do Merchant Account Providers Determine a Business's Risk Level? As part of the underwriting process when applying for a merchant account, companies are assessed for their potential risk. During the process the underwriter will thoroughly examine every aspect of your business to determine whether you will be accepted as a new client. In [...]

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What is a Start-Up?

  What is a Start-Up? A start-up or startup is a company that has only just been "started up"; it is in the beginning stages of operation and often is involved in developing a new product, service or concept. The term start-up is often associated with innovative new companies. Start-up founders are usually looking [...]

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What Does the Future Hold for Banking?

What Does the Future Hold for Banking? The financial world is changing constantly as it adapts, adjusts and grows together with developments in technology and our ever-changing lifestyles. The banking industry is kept on its toes trying to keep up with the needs of its customers. We have reached the stage where almost everyone [...]

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A Complete Guide to SWIFT Money Transfers

Meaning of SWIFT Transfers Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) messaging protocol is used by a members of a cooperative of banks and other financial institutions to securely send and receive money transfer instructions between its members.  There are currently 13,000 member institutions. This network allows individuals and businesses to electronically transfer money [...]

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Cash Versus eMoney – Pros, Cons and Predictions

Will Cash Survive? Already credit cards introduced in the 50's, debit cards in the 60's and more recently mobile payments have threatened the survival of cash. Still a report in 2018 showed that cash is still used for 30% of payments made in the US. Older people, lower-income people, those less technically minded and [...]

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All You Need to Know About Offshore Corporate Bank Accounts

Is it legal to have a bank account in another country? Yes, it is legal to bank in a country other than your country of residence, although depending on the jurisdictional there may be limitations. Even though it is legal it will require a complex onboarding process. Offshore banking is associated with corruption, tax [...]

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FinTech Adoption Trends

The implementation of FinTech across the Globe The FinTech industry is all grown up and has earned a respected place among other tech industries. These financial technology organizations offer innovative business models and advanced technical solutions. When it first came on the scene FinTech was rapidly adopted across the globe spurring change throughout the [...]

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Four Different Forms of Currency

There are four main currencies that you can use to make payments; each has its advantages and disadvantages and each is more convenient under different circumstances and for different uses.  Bank Money: Bank money is a common form of claim-based money usually associated with commercial bank deposits redeemable on demand at face value. Bank [...]

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